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Product List

Sort By:'s goal is to provide our customers with Crimson Trace laser grips, laser sights and other sports and hunting optics in a cost effective and timely manner. is an Internet based business, specializing in sporting and hunting optics.  Over the past seven years, we have sold a variety of sports optics, including Crimson Trace Lasergrips, through Young's Hunting and Sporting Goods (now on E-Bay.  We have built a reputation for being responsive to our customers' needs and  providing quality products and speedy delivery. obtains our products from a variety of sporting and hunting goods distributors, all located in the United States.  This multi-source network of distributors helps to expedite our delivery process. is one of the top retail sellers of Crimson Trace Laser Grips and Laser Sights in the nation.

Feedback from some of our customers - 
1/22/14 - Just a line to let you know I enjoy purchasing from you - Your website is easy to navigate and of course, you can`t beat your prices. I believe you have the best prices on the web. Believe it or not, I returned to your site because of the expedient service and fast shipping. We will be doing more business in the future. Thanks again for the great service, fast shipping and great prices.    Mike, S, AZ

11/25/13  Wanted to drop you a note about how satisfied I am with your customer service, the product and value you offer.  This is my second CTLG grips I purchased from you, first one was through ebay.  Highly satisfied and would recommend you. Karin R.,

9/30/13 - "Any mail honey"?.... "You got a little package". Imagine my shock when I saw my Crimson Trace Grips!! No way could they be here so soon, but they were. What a pleasant surprise! I know the quality of the product (I have several CTC's) but I've never had such prompt shipping! I can assure anyone who is shopping that you won't find a better price or quicker service. Good people! Thank you! Bill, B - PA

7/3/12 -
  I want to send you this email, to let you know you can use me as a positive Canadian reference on your website.  I am so very  happy with your extremely prompt service and shipping to Canada.  Also not to mention the Quality product I received ..and... At the best price by far!..  Also one of the fastest  shipping I have ever received from USA. I would like to leave positive feedback ,,.and I will definitely be using your services in the future, and giving high regards to friends who are interested in your line of products. Thank you Again Tim, M - Canada

6/7/12 - I ordered my CT Laser Grips from on Sunday 6/3/12. I had checked several other websites, but found your price was unbeatable. I received confirmation from you the next day (Monday) that my order had already been shipped, and I received the grips the following day on Tuesday 6/5/12. I couldn't ask for faster, better service, plus the shipping was free! I am recommending your company to all of my shooting friends. Ron M, Wisconsin

2/6/12 - Thank you for promptly sending out my CTC laser grip. You guys have unbelievable pricing (I've done an extensive search for the best pricing) and will definitely order again soon, plus recommend you to others that might be looking for CTC products. Thanks again!  Tony H., Florida

12/21/11 - Just wanted to thank you guys for being the only place I have or ever will order Crimson trace lasergrip. This is my third order that I have purchased from Pistol-LaserGrips. You guys still have the best price and as far as I am concern....the best seller of my book. Merry Christmas to all of you at Pistol-LaserGrips. Ricci P, Texas

10/22/11 - I just received my CT LG446 from you today, the 22nd. I ordered it on the 20th. I've never experienced that kind of shipping. California to Detroit in 2 days. I just happened to find your web site while searching for the least expensive Crimson Trace. Man, did I luck out. Best prices and 2 day FREE shipping! That says a lot about your company and staff. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. All of my weapons have CT lasers and I've never bought from the same place twice. I will now! You've got a customer for life. Thank you very much, Don G, Michigan

8/30/11 - I received the Laserguard yesterday, and it is great.  Thanks for the prompt and courteous service.  One rarely finds this kind of service, and I will recommend you to anyone who asks.  Jim S, Oklahoma 

7/8/11 - Just a word of thanks for your great product and rapid shipping again ... It's what I've come to expect from past dealings and why I buy all my laser grips from you ... GREAT JOB THANKS !!  Mark H, North Carolina

6/25/11 - We spoke Thursday.  The next morning (Friday), my laser grips were delivery.  Very efficient.  Thank You  Tom C, Florida

6/20/11  I got my sight today!  It is awesome!  I can bust cans at 40 yards with no adjustment at all.  Thanks again.  Eric L, Tennessee

4/20/11 -  Just wanted to thank you.  I have bought 3 sets of laserguards from you and the service is great.  Thanks Again  Charles W., Nevada

2/16/11 - Fresno to Dayton, Ohio in less than 48 hours.  Unbelievable.  Very satisfied with the grips and the shipping.  Thank You  Mike B, Ohio 

1/28/11 -  Thank you very much for your service.  I have purchased 2 sets of laserguards for my weapons and am very pleased with your service and price.  Again thank you.  Charles W., Nevada

11/17/10 - Thank you Monte!  I was directed to your web site by a friend on He's purchased several sets of CT grips and speaks very highly of you.  Now I see why.  Thanks for the quick service.  Michael P., Pennsylvania

5/29/10 - My Laser Grips arrived today Sat. the 29th. Wow!! 2 days cross country delivery time has to be a new USPS record. These grips are AMAZING, and I Am Very Well Pleased!!!  The fit on my S&W model 49 Bodyguard is perfect.  I just fired 5 rds. at 35 feet with a 2 1/2 inch grouping by concentrating on the laser dot alone. No adjustments required.   THANK YOU for offering these grips at a fantastic price.  And also for the fantastic service. I will be putting sets on a few of my other pistols as well.  You will be hearing from me again soon.  Bob S., Georgia

4/26/10 -  All I can say is WOW!!  I received my lasergrip today.  From Fresno to North Carolina in 1 day.  You must have some special influence with the USPS.  Thanks Vince L, North Carolina

4/12/10 - Wow, that was fast shipping, considering they went out Saturday. (They arrived this morning.) I have the LG-301 on my Kimber and it looks, works and feels great. I am picking up my Taurus tomorrow and I am confident the result will be the same.  Thanks again for the great price, product, fast shipping and communications. You run a good business, sir.  Bryan S., Colorado

4/10/10 - This is the second set of grips I've ordered.  Sure like the grips, and your service is great.  Bill A., Kansas

3/30/10 - I placed the order for both grips. Thanks again for your help in answering my were great!...looking forward to getting them soon.  Thanks Again Chris B, California

2/8/11 - Just a thanks for excellent service.  Sight was $45 cheaper than local.  Paid on Saturday, 2/6, received in Priority Mail on Monday, 2/8.  Now That's Service.  Thanks John H, Kansas

12/29/09 - Thanks, as usual your shipping is as quick as a speeding bullet.  Ken M, VA

12/26/09 -  I just wanted to let you know I received the item last Tuesday.  It looks and works great.  Thank you for everything. Travis H, Kentucky 

12/15/09 - Doing business with you was a pleasure.  I appreciate the help and fast delivery.  I will certainly recommend you to all my friends.  Thanks again.  Barbara G, Kentucky 

11/6/09 - Received today.  Thanks.  Works great.  Got it installed in under 20 minutes.  Hardest thing to do was to find the right size screwdriver so I would not mark it up. David B, Iowa 

9/21/09 - Happy Happy Happy!  I'm in shock, thats about all I can say at the moment ... I ordered a LG-431 for my wife's Ruger LCP on Friday. 9/18/09, around 7:30 PM EST and low and behold they arrived today Monday, 9/21/09 at 4:00 PM EST.  Now thats what I call service ....Your pricing is awesome, and the service unbelievable.  Keep up the great work.  Bob & Jackie S, Michigan 

9/10/09 - Received your grips yesterday.  Quick shipment and delivery.  Great customer service!  Will pass the word.  Billy P, Florida

8/15/09 - Thank You for the ultra fast service.  My order was placed and shipped the same day and arrived 2 days later.  Can't wait to install them, and since I am about to purchase a new pistol,  I WILL BUY FROM YOU AGAIN!!   Also I will recommend your business to all..  Thank you have a great day.  Brian C., Mississippi

7/2/09 - Thanks for the excellent price and prompt shipping to Ohio.  I will be doing additional business with you in the future.  Bill D, Ohio

6/16/09 - I appreciate the fast service and GREAT price !!  i will definitely be ordering any future products from you guys.  Brad V, Texas

6/8/09 - I wanted to take a minute to thank you for service that is unbelievable.  I truly mean this.  I just purchased my revolver, got home went on line and bought the grips from you.  Today I have them on my revolver.  I have (2) other weapons with CT grips.  I can assure you my next pistol I will be order from you.  Thank you again. Clara C, Ohio 

5/30/09 - I ordered a laser grip (LG-442) on Thursday, and I received it on Saturday.  I wanted to thank you for the quick response.  I went to three dealers in Texas, and they were not too interested in getting the grips.  They told me they were not even in production yet.  Again THANK YOU very much.  Jerry V, Texas

5/6/09  Grips arrived today.  Great service and great price.  Thanks.  Bob D., Georgia         
5/5/09  Just wanted to say thanks for the great service.  Friendly and informative on the phone and fast shipping.  Thanks again.  Ken R, Tennessee

3/25/09  After ordering a  Crimson Trace LG-405 laser grip on Sunday, I got it today (Wednesday) ... it is already on my S&W Model 60.  Great service and will definitely place my next order with   Scott S., Texas

3/20/09 - Thanks you guys soooo much, I love my new laser grips, and you guys had amazingly fast shipping and the best prices have seen yet online.  Kyle T, Kansas

3/10/09     I received the grips Monday and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the really fast shipping.  Rarely have I encountered an online merchant who conducts business as you do.  It is truly refreshing.  Again thanks.  Larry S, Virginia

3/3/09  Thanks for the fast service and good price.  Wayne J, Nebraska 

2/26/09  I'm impressed.  Wow.  I checked stock Tuesday AM and got an answer in minutes. Then ordered the grips for my Taurus around noon and received them  Thursday morning.  Installed them at lunch and they're great.  Can't wait till Saturday to get to the range.  Matt M, Washington

2/7/09  I meant to tell you.. I was thoroughly impressed with the ease of the transaction, price, and the shipping speed.  I ordered on a Friday and got my grips on the next Monday.  That's one business day!  Keep up the good work.  Thanks Matt, B, Utah 

2/3/09  Monte, got the grips yesterday.  Installed them and adjusted them.  I AM IMPRESSED ... the product is excellent and your service superlative ... I have completed the warranty card and given your company top marks.  If you have laser grips for the Makarov IJ-70, and the S&W Walther PPK (6-rnd) I would be very interested.  Keep me on a list to notify for when these are introduced, and you can count on another sale.  Jonna T, Ohio 

1/8/09 Just a note to let you know that I appreciate the great deal on the crimson laser grip I bought from you. You saved me over $100.00 dollars. Shipment was fast. Your very professional and detailed with your customers and I really appreciate it.  I will be doing more business with you in the near future.  Have a happy , Healthy, Properous New Year. With your customer service I know you Will.  Oscar P., Florida

1/6/09  I ordered a Crimson Trace grip from your company ...... last Saturday and I received them on Monday through the normal USPS. I must say that I was shocked at how fast you shipped them and I received them. There aren't many times that a company significantly exceeds my expectations but you certainly did. I wanted to Thank You for your superior customer service.  Jeff H, North Carolina

12/8/08  Just a quick note to tell you thanks for the excellent service.  Grips arrived today and they are now ready to go!  Thanks for the extremely fast shipping.  I know where to get my next pair of grips.  I've also told my friends about the great service.  Thanks again  Ted S., South Carolina 

12/6/08  Just wanted to let you know my laser grip LG-435 came in today.  Installed it on my Kel-Tec and it works great!!  THANKS!  Tom B, Texas  

11/18/08  Thank you for the great pricing and extremely fast service on my recent laser grip order.  I am a very satisfied customer and am recommending you to all of my shooting friends.  I look foward to doing business with you again very soon.  Chris Z, Indiana

10/5/08 - I received my grips yesterday.  It was like a kid at Christmas.  They were very easy to install.  Thank you very much.  Sure appreciate!  Patricia K, Ohio     I 

9/12/08   Just letting U know I received my order.  Thanks for the good price and quick shipping.  Very Happy - William A, Texas

12/17/07 Quality as advertised - great communication - prompt shipment - excellent-A+ - Robert W,  Ohio

12/15/07  Great product, excellent price, fast shipping.  Doesn't get any better than this!  - James M,  Texas

12/10/07  Excellent service, super fast shipping!  - William, V, Idaho

12/06/07  Good communication, product as advertised and shipped fast.  -  David O,  New York













































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